Adored Beast Yeasty Beast Anti-Itch Spray

Adored Beast Yeasty Beast Anti-Itch Spray

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Finally, something natural to help your yeasty, smelly, itchy dog!

Help soothe your dog's itchy skin and prevent infections with this 100% natural topical spray. Yeasty Beast is a combination of apple cider vinegar and natural herbs that work together safely to soothe yeast spots on your dog's skin.

Simply apply it directly to the yeast spots to help:

  • prevent infections
  • soothe the itch
  • clean out skin folds 

NOTE: Yeasty Beast Topical Spray should not be applied to open wounds


Comes in a convenient pump spray

  1. Spray on your dog's yeasty skin spots 2-3 times per day.
  2. Try to keep your dog from licking the topical off before it has a chance to soak in.
  3. If the skin doesn't improve within 10 days, speak to your veterinarian.