Our mission here at Vibrant K9 is simple: we take the guesswork out of keeping your dog vibrant and thriving, so you can focus on enjoying life with your best friend. With over 60% of dogs in this country getting cancer (and losing 3 of our own dogs to cancer), we are especially focused on helping you prevent cancer in your dog and helping pet parents who are dealing with this devastating disease in their own dogs. We want to save every single dog, and we understand that what dogs eat is one of the single biggest factors in determining how healthy they are. So, we make it easy for you to feed your dog the very best food. We are here for you, and we are here for your dog.

We know, as a pet parent, you want what’s best for your dog, but sometimes it can be overwhelming sorting through all the information out there. With our team’s collective 20+ years of experience formulating, manufacturing, and feeding raw food, you can feel confident you’re giving your dog everything they need to thrive.

You’re the best, Krista! And of course Ollie thinks Vibrant K9 is #1 in his book! Eve R.

My dog was miserable with allergies. I tried medications, change of kibble, etc.

I thank Krista and Vibrant K9 for helping us. He’s improving! Elizabeth L.

Thank you, Vibrant K9! Lea loves when her 30 lbs of beef gets delivered! Haley N.