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What is the difference in freeze drying and dehydrating? 

Approximately 97% of the nutritional value is retained in freeze dried treats while the dehydrated treats and air dried treats potentially retains as little as 60% (or less)  due to heat degradation of the original raw food and its nutrients.  Freeze-dried foods utilizes the process of removing moisture but through very low freezing temperatures. In this process, the food is placed in a low pressure container and frozen at substantial temperatures .  The freezing temperatures are between −58 °F (−50 °C) and−112 °F (−80 °C  )  Freeze-dried food often retains a nearly identical shape and structure as the original food, including its nutritional profile. It might surprise you to learn that dehydrating and air drying can often lead to reduced or completely eliminate levels of Vitamin A and C.  The introduction of heat and air can lead to destruction of these vitamins as well as many of the vital nutrients and result in some loss of B-complex vitamins.  Vitamins A and C, specifically, are instrumental nutrients that helps build your dog's natural immune system and defend against infection.  

We often see that dogs will not eat offal and organ in a DIY raw food diet which is essential in your companions diet.  If you are doing a DIY meal preperation, Vibrant K9 freeze dried treats and supplements of meat, organs, and fish will help you balance your meals as nearly all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids retained.

Freeze dried meats, fish and organs are a way to get your offal in their diet and they think its a treat and they will love their new addition to their diet whether a treat or part of their balanced diet!  All of our treats are single proteins which enables you to keep track of exactly what they need including Kcals/oz (calories). The treats can be reconstituted in water and will go back to its original state which makes it super convenient for our customers needs.   We believe that utilizing a freeze drying method to make treats and supplements will not only assist in keeping your dogs nutritional profile in sync, but also allows your dog to stay on their species appropriate diet !   

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