About Us

Who Are We?

Well, simply stated, we are just like you. We are dog parents who love, respect, and cherish our dogs as the family members they are. 

Sadly, we have lost three of our beloved dogs to cancer. After losing our first boy, we began to suspect it was because of the food. So, when we got our next boy, Norman (an English Mastiff), we fed what we thought was a “high quality” dog food. We, like so many, equated expensive with quality. 

Fast forward to four and a half years later, our dear Norman was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, aka bone cancer, which is a very aggressive and usually a fatal form of cancer.

We were devastated to get Norman’s diagnosis; however, that day changed our lives and our dogs’ lives forever.

We went on to do countless hours of research to try and save Norman, and what we found out was shocking: over one in two dogs will get cancer. Yes, you read that right–more than 50% of all dogs get cancer, and now that number is debated to as much as 62%.

That’s when we knew there’s a much bigger issue out there than we ever knew.

Sadly, Norman succumbed to the cancer, but not before we made the decision to change our dog’s health and hopefully other dogs’ health forever.

Our business is dedicated to our sweet Norman, whom we miss every single day. He is our inspiration to change how people feed their dogs, and to get every single dog eating natural, healthy food. Our mission is to get dogs healthy and stay healthy through proper nutrition and to provide ongoing education to all our customers.

-Krista and Joe Powell (and Bob, Murphy, and Jeff)