Grass Fed-Grass Finished Beef Lung -  3.5 oz

Grass Fed-Grass Finished Beef Lung - 3.5 oz

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Introducing Vibrant K9 Freeze dried beef lung that is from pasture-raised cattle. The cattle are  all grass-fed and grass-finished. They are hormone, GMO and pesticide free. This is a single protein product of 100% beef lung.
Lung from the bovine is a substantial source of vitamin B12, Vitamin A, folate, and choline for your four-legged friend.  Beef lung may assist in everything from lung function to digestive health to brain function. 
Per 4 Oz:
1%    Calcium    10mg
50%   Iron          9mg
8%    Potassium  384mg
2%    Vitamin A  15mcg
49%   Vitamin C  44mg