Freeze Dried Beef Liver-4oz

Freeze Dried Beef Liver-4oz

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Liver from pasture raised beef is loaded with copious amounts of minerals, amino acids, fats, as well as very rich in vitamins. As much as we love this treasure, don't over do the liver treats.  Liver is an awesome source of vitamin A,  but too much, is...well... too much.  Liver is a fantastic treat 3-5 times per week as a single treat, and a nutrient dense addition to your dog's diet.   For training treats, we recommend our other products.  Let your pup enjoy liver as a super treat, and they will get all the nutritional benefits to their diet.  A little goes a long way.  Hooray for Liver !

Calories:  38 kcal/1oz.

Liver is rich in Vitamin A                                Pantothenic acid

Vitamin B6                                                     Iron                      


Vitamin B12                                                   Zinc

Vitamin C                                                      Phosphorus  

Vitamin D                                                      Selenium